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Reinhard Arndt
Am Britzer Garten 8
12347 Berlin
+4930/741 78 47

Reinhard Arndt



Reinhard Arndt was born in 1948 in Berlin.
He learned to dive in 1995 in the Maldives and was fascinated right away  by the world below the surface of the seas. Since 1996 he has combined  diving with his long-term passion for photography.
Several times a  year he travels to various divespots world-wide (especially in tropical seas). His logbook contains more than 1700 dives in locations such as  the Galápagos, Caribbean, Azores, Mediterranean, Red Sea, Maldives, Malaysia,  Philippines, Indonesia and Micronesia (some of which he has dived frequently).
He writes articles for photo and dive magazines and some of his works have appeared on winnerlists of national and international  photo-contests.
One goal of his photography is to show viewers the  fascination, beauty and diversity of corals and marine life, but also  to draw attention to the fragility of this ecosystem.

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